2013, Number 1

Spawning cycle, GSI index and length maturity of Deep flounder in northwest of Persian Gulf, Iran

                  S. A. Hashemi*, S. A. Taghavimotlagh, A. Hedayati and R. Ghorbani



During this study from December 2009 to November 2011, 363 Deep flounder fish were caught and their weights and lengths were measured. Total number of caught fishes included: 18 males, 200 females and 155 immature fishes. The mean, maximum and minimum total lengths were 264 ± 57, 415, and 115 mm, respectively. The mean, maximum and minimum total weights for this species were 238 ± 150, 827, and 14 g, respectively. The length-weight relationships were calculated as W = 0.000007FL3.09 (n = 200, R2=  0.96) for females, W = 0.00002FL2.90 (n = 18, R2 = 0.94) for males and W = 0.000009FL3.04 (n = 363, R2 = 0.96) for total fishes verifying calculated b with 3, using Students t-test. There was no significant difference between calculated b and 3, and growth pattern was isometric. The mean values of condition factor (K), hepatosomatic index (HIS) and gonadosomatic index (GSI) were 1.25 ± 0.43, 1.13 ± 0.04, and 1.14 ± 0.97 for total fishes, respectively. The highest values of K, HIS, and GSI were observed in February, August and April; whereas the lowest values were observed in January, December and January. Mean GSI value indicated that spawning time were occurred during April to May. Using one-way ANOVA Test, the relationship between GSI index and temperature and salinity was significant. The mean size at first sexual maturity (Lm) was 237 mm for total fishes.

Key words: Deep flounder, Gonado somatic index, Hepatosomatic index, condition factor


Seroprevalence of Mycoplasma synoviae and Mycoplasma gallisepticum in one day old broiler chickens in Libya

F. S. Elgnay* and S. M. Azwai



The aim of this study was to carry out a serological survey of antibodies against Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) and Mycoplasma synoviae (MS) in 1500 one day old broiler chickens sera were examined by serum plate agglutination test. Antibodies against MG and MS were detected 3.4% and 6.4%, respectively. The seroprevalence of MG was 5.2% in chickens from imported fertile eggs and 0% in chickens from local fertile eggs, whereas for MS was 9.3% in chickens from imported fertile eggs and 0.8% in chicks from local fertile eggs.

Key words: Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Mycoplasma synoviae, Serum plate agglutination test, Chickens, Libya


Deep Septic Arthritis of the Fetlock Joint in two Dairy Cows: Clinical, Radiographic and Pathomorphologic Findings

M. Nouri*, S.H. Marjanmehr, I. Nowrouzian



The case included two Holstein cows presen­ting chronic septic arthritis of the fetlock joint. There were considerable oval swelling in the fetlock region, presence of pain, severe lameness, and involvement of one hind foot, absence of pastern swelling and interdigital space involvement. In one of cows, early bovine digital dermatitis lesions were found incidentally during examination. Radiographic images depicted a quite wide range of radiographic signs such as soft tissue swelling, new bone formation and osteolysis. Gross necropsy revealed tendovaginitis and the consistent purulent discharge was confined to the fetlock zone. After necropsy, the sample was selected for further procedures by putrefaction. The naked bone showed considerable bone changes. High standards of building design and monitoring seems to have prevented premature culling in cows with severe digital lesion. The chances of restoring the productivity of the animal depend largely on accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Key words: cull, deep sepsis, fetlock, lameness, swelling, tendovaginitis


The effect of autogenous platelet rich plasma on experimentally induced osteoarthritis in rabbit’s stifles joint: a radiological assessment.

M. Kalbkhani, S. N. Dehghani*, A. R. Najafpour, N. Ghorbanzadeh



      Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and the major cause of chronic disability in musculoskeletal mobility in the elderly populations worldwide. In this study, we used scaffold free authogenous platelet rich plasma (PRP) in an experimental animal model of osteoarthritis (OA) by direct intra articular injection. Thirty white New Zealand adult rabbits of both sexes were used in this study. Osteoarthritis was induced by anterior cruciate ligament transection of the left knee joints. The rabbits were divided into three groups randomly; Eight weeks after operation, a single dose (0.5 ml) of plate rich plasma (PRP) was delivered to the injured knee by direct intra articular injection (group 1, the treatment group). The preventive group received the same amount of PRP right after operation. The control group received no treatment. The knees were examined on 8, 12 and 16 weeks after the surgery. The repairing process was investigated radiologically. Radiological assessment confirmed development of OA changes after 8 weeks in rabbits of group 1 and 2. Rabbits received PRP (group 1, the treatment group) showed lower degree of cartilage degeneration, osteophyte formation, and subchondral sclerosis compared to the control group on 16 weeks after surgery. In the preventive group, there was no OA development. PRP could be a valuable medium and the promising source for the treatment of osteoarthritis as well as for the prevention of the development of OA.

Key words:  osteoarthritis, platelet rich plasma, radiology, stifle joint, prevention

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