2015, Number 1

Journal of Animal and Poultry Sciences (JAPSC)

Vol 4(1), 2015


Quantitative Real-Time PCR Analysis of the Caecal Bacteria Population of Broiler Chickens Fed with Corn-Soy Diet containing 20% of Palm Kernel Meal with or without Enzyme Supplementation


 Sharmila, A. Kasim, H. M. Noor, M. F. Jahromi, and A. A. Samsudin*


In the present study, quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis was performed to enumerate the caecal bacterial population of broiler chickens fed with corn-soy based diet containing 20% of palm kernel-meal with or without enzyme supplementation. A total of seventy five day old male Cobb broiler chickswas used in the feeding trial receiving a corn-soy diet with20% of palm kernel meal with or without xylanase or cellulase supplementation at an amount of 200U/kg of feed respectively. On day 35, birds were slaughtered and the caecum content was aseptically collected for the bacterial quantification. Both xylanase and cellulase supplementation in the diet significantly reduced the population of total bacteria, enterococcus and Salmonella spp. bacteria in the caecal digesta of broiler chickens. Moreover, the population of lactic acid bacteria, enterobacteria and Escherichia coli in digesta of broiler chickens fed with enzyme supplementation was also significantly reduced compared to broiler chickens received no enzyme addition in the diet. However, eventhough the population of bifidobacteria analyzed in the caecal digesta of enzyme supplemented broiler chickens was reduced compared to non-supplemented broiler chickens, it is not significantly different. The result obtained suggested that xylanase and cellulase supplementation at an amount of 200 U/kg of feed reduced a number of pathogenic bacteria in the caecal particularly enterobacteria, Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp. bacteria.

Key words: Real-time PCR, Corn-soy based diet with 20% PKM, Caecal bacteria, Enzyme, Broiler chicken


The effect of partial replacement of yellow corn by banana peels with and without enzymes on broiler’s performance and blood parameters


 C. Blandon, G. A. A. Hamady, and M. A. Abdel-Moneim*


Six weeks experiment was performed using 288 (one day- old) ROSS chicks in order to evaluate the effect of replacing 15, 30 or 45% of yellow corn with dried banana peels (with and without enzyme) in broilers’ diets on their growth performance and blood parameters. The metabolizable energy of banana peels was calculated from a digestibility trial and was found to be 2932 Kcal/Kg. The proximate analysis of dried banana peels showed that they contain 10g/100g (crude protein), 14.91 g/100g (crude fiber), 18.64 g/100g (ash), 0.31 g/100g (calcium) and 0.25 g/100g (phosphorus). The results of the growth experiment showed that the inclusion of banana peels in broilers’ diet did not cause significant changes in broilers’ performance. The supplementation of enzyme in the diets resulted in an enhancement in broilers’ performance parameters numerically with no statistically significant differences. The groups fed on banana peels at the different tested levels with and without enzyme had significantly lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides as compared to the control groups. The economic study revealed that increasing the replacement level of banana peels resulted in a lower feed cost of the diets. In conclusion, the results of the present study confirmed the use of banana peels in broiler’s diet as a promising application in animal feed.

Key words: Banana peels, Blood, Broilers, Carcass, Enzyme, Performance


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